Supplementary Posts

On this page you will be able to browse the various posts that supplement the quarterly issues.

                            Verlaine: Six Poems

                          James Dowthwaite: Some Babylonian Pieces

                           Rilke: Four Poems

July 7, 2022                              Jeff Gallagher:  Poem ‘Tardebigge’

July 3, 2022                               Passing Go: Omar Sabbagh on Colm Tóibín

                             Ken Head: Five Poems from Prospero’s Bowl

May 19, 2022                            Jim Ward: Shades of Pencil Grey

May 6, 2022                              Cyrille Saura and James W. Wood: Animal Others

May 2, 2022                              Mervyn Linford: Shepherd’s Warnihng

                         Stephen Claughton: ‘Deor’

April 5, 2022                            Robert Saxton: Rainer Maria Rilke’s ‘The Book of Hours’

April 2, 2022                            Daniel Bennett on Robert Selby

               Omar Sabbagh: Morning Lit

February 13, 2022               P.W. Bridgman on Jude Nutter

February 9, 2022                Sally Michaelson: Leeds to Bournemouth

February 4, 2022                Mascha Kaleko: Six Poems

February 1, 2022                Alan Price: Four Film Poems

January 23, 2022               Estill Pollock: Landscape with the Shipwreck of Aeneas

January 19, 2022               Eugenio Montale: On the Threshold

November 27, 2021         George Freek: Peach Blossom Spring

November 11, 2021         Gabriel Rosenstock: Conversations with Li He

November 5, 2021           Caroline Maldonado: The Soil Will Know

             Intense Silence: The Poetry of James Reeves

October 22, 2021             Sibyl Ruth: Heinrich Heine’s ‘Buch der Lieder’

October 18, 2021             Roger Elkin: Sam Thorley, his reckonings

October 15, 2021            Contemorary Dutch Poetry: A Quiet Storm

October 12, 2021            Sam Milne: The Desolate Shore

October 6, 2021              Baudelaire: If it wasn’t for bad luck …

              Keith Suddrey: A Lifespan Counted in Moons and Rain

August 15, 2021              Dezső Kosztolány: Happy, Heartbroken Song

August 11, 2021              Denise Bundred: Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear

August 6, 2021                Merryn Williams: Poems for the Year 2020

August 3, 2021                Dan Overgaard: Decorating & Bananas

July 31, 2021                   Angèle Paoli translated by Martyn Crucefix

July 27, 2021                   Pen Kease: How to Build a Serving Man

                   Matt Pitt: Gumshoe

July 19, 2021                  Heinrich Heine:The World is Dumb!

July 16, 2021                  Isabel Bermudez: Is it the Past again?

July 14, 2021                  Catullus: Friendship, Love, Abuse

July 10, 2021                  W.N. Herbert: The Wreck of the Fathership

July 6, 2021                    Roger Elkin: The Leading Question

May 26, 2021                  Wendy Holborow: Crossing the Line

                 Peter Robinson on Dylan’s Another Self Portrait

                  Colin Pink: A Poem for Palestine

May 16, 2021                  Eugenio Montale: At the Threshold of Life

May 10, 2021                  Aidan Andrew Dun: Grand Sky

May 4, 2021                     Andrew Duncan: A Barbarian Tripos

April 27, 2021                Thomas Davis: River of People                      

April 12, 2021                Kathleen Graber: Catching Your Luck

April 5, 2021                  Juli Jana: What’s Hidden & What Slips.

March 28, 2021            Geo Milev: ‘The Icons are Sleeping’ and ‘September’ translated
                                             by Tom Phillips

March 25, 2021             Adam Zagajewski: ‘In Praise of the Mutilated World’

           Nick Power and Andrew Taylor: Lowdeine Chronicles

February 9, 2021         Stella Wulf: Gascon Day

February 3, 2021         Rennie Parker: Troubadours and Trobairitz

January 27, 2021         Anthony Howell: New England and the Maritimes

         Louise Gluck: I have Survived My Life

January 19, 2021         Ewa Lipska: An Acute Inflammation of Light

         Israel Eliraz: How Much Time is Left is Not a Question but a Door

January 3, 2021            Bijan Elahi: High Tide of the Eyes

November 17, 2020     Richard Murphy: A Conventional Rebel

November 8, 2020       Penny Sharman: a Suitcase of Stars, a Room and a Turret

October 29, 2020          Edward Alport: ‘Micropoetry and the Twitterverse’

October 22, 2020          Margarita Serafimova: from ‘The Oak Odyssey’

         Jill Sharp on a new version of the Oresteia

October 8, 2020             Keith Howden: Three Poems

             Derek Mahon: ‘The Snow Party’

October 3, 2020             Derek Mahon: A Rage for Order

            Stephanie Burt: ‘After Callimachus’

August 5, 2020               Patricia McCarthy: ‘Whose Hand Would You Like To Hold?’

July 29, 2020                   Alda Merini: ‘Aphorisms and Spells’ ( trans. Carla Scarano)

July 14, 2020                   Dan Overgaard: Seasons of Wind, Mud, Shadows and Pain

July 7, 2020                     Antonio Machado: Four Poems translated by Glenn Hubbard

July 1, 2020                     Defending Poetry: John Burnside’s ‘The Music of Time’

                 Vivek. V. Narayan: Two Poems from ‘Jet Lag’

June 16, 2020                  Alan Price: More Film Poems

April 30, 2020                 Lindsey Shaw-Miller: Intimacy

April 21, 2020                 Jacques Moulin: ‘A Pebble in the Mouth’

April 4, 2020                   Anna Błasiak and Lisa Kalloo: People, Places, Pictures

February 18, 2020        Habib Mohana: The Florist

January 23, 2020          Tim Downie: ‘Ghost’

December 6, 2019        Anthony Johae: Campervan-Haiku Calendar

November 22, 2019     Alan Price: Four Film Poems

     Jean Atkin: How Time is in Fields

November 14, 2019     Rodney Wood: Things We Told Ourselves.

November 9, 2019       Valerie Lynch: In the Time of Rabbits

October 8, 2019            Ciaran Carson: The City is a Map of the City

May 27, 2019                  Habib Mohana: The Saint of the Cradle

May 16, 2019                  Wunderkammer with Black Coffee: Helen Ivory interviewed xxxxxxxxxxxxxx    xxxby William Bedford

May 2, 2019                    Daniel Marshall: Two Poems

April 25, 2019                Habib Mohana: The Road of Separation

February 7, 2019          Henry Stead: Moretum

November 15, 2018     Frances Sackett: Cradle of Bones

November 7, 2018       Wendy Holborow: Janky Tuk Tuks

October 23, 2018          S.A. Leavesley: Photo-poems

October 8, 2018            Anthony Costello: I Freeze, Turn to Stone

October 3, 2018             Tom Bland: Blue

September 27, 2018    Stephanie Bowgett: Domestic Cookery

September 21, 2018    Tom Philips: Continental Drift

August 22, 2018             Shanta Acharya: Beyond the High Window

August 16, 2018            Aretha Franklin R.I.P.

August 13, 2018            Laura Potts: ‘beneath the stars and still’

July 25, 2018                 Sheila Wilde: In John Wesley’s Footprints

July 11, 2018                 Paul Sutherland: Poet and Pilgrim

July 5, 2018                   Baudelaire: ‘The Swan’ translated by Julia Deakin

June 27, 2018               Oz Hardwick: The Master of Ghosts and Mirrors

June 21, 2018               Robyn Bolam: The Poetry of Survival

June 13, 2018               Terence Dooley: Translations

May 11, 2018                 Miguel Hernández: Poet, Republican,Shepherd

May 2, 2018                   Gaia Holmes: The Wrong Kind of Birds

March 28, 2018             Rose Cook: Once Beside a Time

February 28, 2018       Norton Hodges: Bare Bones

February 21, 2018       Sunita Thind: Coconut Girl

        John Cassidy: An Attitude of Mind

          Kitty Coles and Kim Moore: The Language of Wolves

January 30, 2018         Tim Miller: Bone Antler Stone

January 24, 2018         Wendy Pratt: Communicating with the dead

January 17, 2018         Emma Lee: Ghosts in the Desert

November 22, 2017     Jacques Réda: October Morning

November 16, 2017     Boris Poplavsky: Breathing the Air of Exile

      Marina Tsvetaeva: Forms of Flight

November 2, 2017       Wendy Klein: Remembering Blueberry Hill

October 30, 2017         Jo Burns: ‘Sakura, Sakura’

October 24, 2017         George MacBeth: Poet, Apologist and Enfant Terrible.

October 5, 2017           Such a little country: The Poetry of Catalonia

October 2, 2017           Steve Ely: Surveying the Savageries of Power

August 24, 2017           Tom Philips: The Poet Rewriting Himself

August 22, 2017           Mario Susko: A Poet of Rare Seriousness

August 17, 2017          Cesare Pavese