Supplementary Posts

On this page you will be able to search through the various weekly posts that supplement the quarterly journal.

August 22, 2018             Shanta Acharya:Beyond the High Window

August 16, 2018            Aretha Franklin R.I.P.

August 13, 2018            Laura Potts: ‘beneath the stars and still’

July 25, 2018                 Sheila Wilde: In John Wesley’s Footprints

July 11, 2018                 Paul Sutherland: Poet and Pilgrim

July 5, 2018                   Baudelaire: ‘The Swan’ translated by Julia Deakin

June 27, 2018               Oz Hardwick: The Master of Ghosts and Mirrors

June 21, 2018               Robyn Bolam: The Poetry of Survival

June 13, 2018               Terence Dooley: Translations

May 11, 2018                 Miguel Hernández: Poet, Republican,Shepherd

May 2, 2018                   Gaia Holmes: The Wrong Kind of Birds

March 28, 2018             Rose Cook: Once Beside a Time

February 28, 2018       Norton Hodges: Bare Bones

February 21, 2018       Sunita Thind: Coconut Girl

        John Cassidy: An Attitude of Mind

          Kitty Coles and Kim Moore: The Language of Wolves

January 30, 2018         Tim Miller: Bone Antler Stone

January 24, 2018         Wendy Pratt: Communicating with the dead

January 17, 2018         Emma Lee: Ghosts in the Desert

November 22, 2017     Jacques Réda: October Morning

November 16, 2017     Boris Poplavsky: Breathing the Air of Exile

      Marina Tsvetaeva: Forms of Flight

November 2, 2017       Wendy Klein: Remembering Blueberry Hill

October 30, 2017         Jo Burns: ‘Sakura, Sakura’

October 24, 2017         George MacBeth: Poet, Apologist and Enfant Terrible.

October 5, 2017           Such a little country: the Poetry of Catalonia

October 2, 2017           Steve Ely: Surveying the Savageries of Power

August 24, 2017           Tom Phillips: The Poet Rewriting Himself

August 22, 2017           Mario Susko: ‘A Poet of Rare Seriousness’

August 17, 2017          Cesare Pavese