Supplementary Posts

On this page you will be able to browse the various posts that supplement the quarterly issues.

August 22, 2022                     Omar Sabbagh on Patricia McCarthy’s Hand in Hand

August 15, 2022                      Anthony Howell: Envelopes

August 11, 2022                      Matt Pitt: This is a Robbery

August 8, 2022                         Mascha Kaleko: Four Poems

July 30, 2022                            Evangeline Paterson: Lucifer, with Angels

                            Verlaine: Six Poems

                          James Dowthwaite: Some Babylonian Pieces

                           Rilke: Four Poems

July 7, 2022                              Jeff Gallagher:  Poem ‘Tardebigge’

July 3, 2022                               Passing Go: Omar Sabbagh on Colm Tóibín

                             Ken Head: Five Poems from Prospero’s Bowl

May 19, 2022                            Jim Ward: Shades of Pencil Grey

May 6, 2022                              Cyrille Saura and James W. Wood: Animal Others

May 2, 2022                              Mervyn Linford: Shepherd’s Warnihng

                         Stephen Claughton: ‘Deor’

April 5, 2022                            Robert Saxton: Rainer Maria Rilke’s ‘The Book of Hours’

April 2, 2022                            Daniel Bennett on Robert Selby

               Omar Sabbagh: Morning Lit

February 13, 2022               P.W. Bridgman on Jude Nutter

February 9, 2022                Sally Michaelson: Leeds to Bournemouth

February 4, 2022                Mascha Kaleko: Six Poems

February 1, 2022                Alan Price: Four Film Poems

January 23, 2022               Estill Pollock: Landscape with the Shipwreck of Aeneas

January 19, 2022               Eugenio Montale: On the Threshold

November 27, 2021         George Freek: Peach Blossom Spring

November 11, 2021         Gabriel Rosenstock: Conversations with Li He

November 5, 2021           Caroline Maldonado: The Soil Will Know

             Intense Silence: The Poetry of James Reeves

October 22, 2021             Sibyl Ruth: Heinrich Heine’s ‘Buch der Lieder’

October 18, 2021             Roger Elkin: Sam Thorley, his reckonings

October 15, 2021            Contemorary Dutch Poetry: A Quiet Storm

October 12, 2021            Sam Milne: The Desolate Shore

October 6, 2021              Baudelaire: If it wasn’t for bad luck …

              Keith Suddrey: A Lifespan Counted in Moons and Rain

August 15, 2021              Dezső Kosztolány: Happy, Heartbroken Song

August 11, 2021              Denise Bundred: Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear

August 6, 2021                Merryn Williams: Poems for the Year 2020

August 3, 2021                Dan Overgaard: Decorating & Bananas

July 31, 2021                   Angèle Paoli translated by Martyn Crucefix

July 27, 2021                   Pen Kease: How to Build a Serving Man

                   Matt Pitt: Gumshoe

July 19, 2021                  Heinrich Heine:The World is Dumb!

July 16, 2021                  Isabel Bermudez: Is it the Past again?

July 14, 2021                  Catullus: Friendship, Love, Abuse

July 10, 2021                  W.N. Herbert: The Wreck of the Fathership

July 6, 2021                    Roger Elkin: The Leading Question

May 26, 2021                  Wendy Holborow: Crossing the Line

                 Peter Robinson on Dylan’s Another Self Portrait

                  Colin Pink: A Poem for Palestine

May 16, 2021                  Eugenio Montale: At the Threshold of Life

May 10, 2021                  Aidan Andrew Dun: Grand Sky

May 4, 2021                     Andrew Duncan: A Barbarian Tripos

April 27, 2021                Thomas Davis: River of People                      

April 12, 2021                Kathleen Graber: Catching Your Luck

April 5, 2021                  Juli Jana: What’s Hidden & What Slips.

March 28, 2021            Geo Milev: ‘The Icons are Sleeping’ and ‘September’ translated
                                             by Tom Phillips

March 25, 2021             Adam Zagajewski: ‘In Praise of the Mutilated World’

           Nick Power and Andrew Taylor: Lowdeine Chronicles

February 9, 2021         Stella Wulf: Gascon Day

February 3, 2021         Rennie Parker: Troubadours and Trobairitz

January 27, 2021         Anthony Howell: New England and the Maritimes

         Louise Gluck: I have Survived My Life

January 19, 2021         Ewa Lipska: An Acute Inflammation of Light

         Israel Eliraz: How Much Time is Left is Not a Question but a Door

January 3, 2021            Bijan Elahi: High Tide of the Eyes

November 17, 2020     Richard Murphy: A Conventional Rebel

November 8, 2020       Penny Sharman: a Suitcase of Stars, a Room and a Turret

October 29, 2020          Edward Alport: ‘Micropoetry and the Twitterverse’

October 22, 2020          Margarita Serafimova: from ‘The Oak Odyssey’

         Jill Sharp on a new version of the Oresteia

October 8, 2020             Keith Howden: Three Poems

             Derek Mahon: ‘The Snow Party’

October 3, 2020             Derek Mahon: A Rage for Order

            Stephanie Burt: ‘After Callimachus’

August 5, 2020               Patricia McCarthy: ‘Whose Hand Would You Like To Hold?’

July 29, 2020                   Alda Merini: ‘Aphorisms and Spells’ ( trans. Carla Scarano)

July 14, 2020                   Dan Overgaard: Seasons of Wind, Mud, Shadows and Pain

July 7, 2020                     Antonio Machado: Four Poems translated by Glenn Hubbard

July 1, 2020                     Defending Poetry: John Burnside’s ‘The Music of Time’

                 Vivek. V. Narayan: Two Poems from ‘Jet Lag’

June 16, 2020                  Alan Price: More Film Poems

April 30, 2020                 Lindsey Shaw-Miller: Intimacy

April 21, 2020                 Jacques Moulin: ‘A Pebble in the Mouth’

April 4, 2020                   Anna Błasiak and Lisa Kalloo: People, Places, Pictures

February 18, 2020        Habib Mohana: The Florist

January 23, 2020          Tim Downie: ‘Ghost’

December 6, 2019        Anthony Johae: Campervan-Haiku Calendar

November 22, 2019     Alan Price: Four Film Poems

     Jean Atkin: How Time is in Fields

November 14, 2019     Rodney Wood: Things We Told Ourselves.

November 9, 2019       Valerie Lynch: In the Time of Rabbits

October 8, 2019            Ciaran Carson: The City is a Map of the City

May 27, 2019                  Habib Mohana: The Saint of the Cradle

May 16, 2019                  Wunderkammer with Black Coffee: Helen Ivory interviewed xxxxxxxxxxxxxx    xxxby William Bedford

May 2, 2019                    Daniel Marshall: Two Poems

April 25, 2019                Habib Mohana: The Road of Separation

February 7, 2019          Henry Stead: Moretum

November 15, 2018     Frances Sackett: Cradle of Bones

November 7, 2018       Wendy Holborow: Janky Tuk Tuks

October 23, 2018          S.A. Leavesley: Photo-poems

October 8, 2018            Anthony Costello: I Freeze, Turn to Stone

October 3, 2018             Tom Bland: Blue

September 27, 2018    Stephanie Bowgett: Domestic Cookery

September 21, 2018    Tom Philips: Continental Drift

August 22, 2018             Shanta Acharya: Beyond the High Window

August 16, 2018            Aretha Franklin R.I.P.

August 13, 2018            Laura Potts: ‘beneath the stars and still’

July 25, 2018                 Sheila Wilde: In John Wesley’s Footprints

July 11, 2018                 Paul Sutherland: Poet and Pilgrim

July 5, 2018                   Baudelaire: ‘The Swan’ translated by Julia Deakin

June 27, 2018               Oz Hardwick: The Master of Ghosts and Mirrors

June 21, 2018               Robyn Bolam: The Poetry of Survival

June 13, 2018               Terence Dooley: Translations

May 11, 2018                 Miguel Hernández: Poet, Republican,Shepherd

May 2, 2018                   Gaia Holmes: The Wrong Kind of Birds

March 28, 2018             Rose Cook: Once Beside a Time

February 28, 2018       Norton Hodges: Bare Bones

February 21, 2018       Sunita Thind: Coconut Girl

        John Cassidy: An Attitude of Mind

          Kitty Coles and Kim Moore: The Language of Wolves

January 30, 2018         Tim Miller: Bone Antler Stone

January 24, 2018         Wendy Pratt: Communicating with the dead

January 17, 2018         Emma Lee: Ghosts in the Desert

November 22, 2017     Jacques Réda: October Morning

November 16, 2017     Boris Poplavsky: Breathing the Air of Exile

      Marina Tsvetaeva: Forms of Flight

November 2, 2017       Wendy Klein: Remembering Blueberry Hill

October 30, 2017         Jo Burns: ‘Sakura, Sakura’

October 24, 2017         George MacBeth: Poet, Apologist and Enfant Terrible.

October 5, 2017           Such a little country: The Poetry of Catalonia

October 2, 2017           Steve Ely: Surveying the Savageries of Power

August 24, 2017           Tom Philips: The Poet Rewriting Himself

August 22, 2017           Mario Susko: A Poet of Rare Seriousness

August 17, 2017          Cesare Pavese