Supplementary Posts

On this page you will be able to search through the various weekly posts that do not form part of the quarterly journal.

 January 17, 2018         Emma Lee: Ghosts in the Desrt

November 22, 2017     Jacques Réda: October Morning

November 16, 2017     Boris Poplavsky: Breathing the Air of Exile

      Marina Tsvetaeva: Forms of Flight

November 2, 2017       Wendy Klein: Remembering Blueberry Hill

October 30, 2017         Jo Burns: ‘Sakura, Sakura’

October 24, 2017         George MacBeth: Poet, Apologist and Enfant Terrible.

October 5, 2017           Such a little country: the Poetry of Catalonia

October 2, 2017            Steve Ely: Surveying the Savageries of Power

August 24, 2017           Tom Phillips: The Poet Rewriting Himself

August 22, 2017           Mario Susko: ‘A Poet of Rare Seriousness’

August 17, 2017          Cesare Pavese

 November 20, 2017