From 1st June 2023 submisssions will again be considered for the winter 2023 issue.


The editor may not always know what he is looking for, but he will probably recognize it when he sees it. He has wide-ranging interests, but is most likely to engage with work that looks like it needed to be written. If your poem has the authenticity of lived experience or engages imaginatively with an idea it is more likely to excite him. he will expect to see a commitment to the craft of poetry and respect for the sense and sound of language.

Please bear in mind that the editor’s decision is final and that he does not have time to enter into correspondance or give you feedback. There are many workshops for that. If your work is not accepted it is important to remember also that such decisions are a matter of opinion and that you may have better luck elsewhere.

The inaugural issue of The High Window Journal (THWJ) was launched on 1 March 2016. Each year four issues are published in March, June, September, December.

Please send up to four of your best poems to the email below and write POETRY in the subject line:

submissions [at] the highwindow [dot] uk

Your poems should be in single-spaced TNR 12 and submitted in the body of the email. However, they should also be attached as a word.doc. The editor will endeavour to get back to you within six weeks. Normally it will be sooner than that.  Please also enclose a bio of up to 80 words. It will be required if your work is accepted.The poems submitted should be previously unpublished.

Please note that if your work has been published in the High Window we would ask you to wait until two further issues have appeared before submitting again.


THW will also publishes poetry in translation alongside the quarterly roundup of poetry. I am always on the look out for good translators, so please contact us if you have an interest in this area and ideas we could develop in our translation streams.

Work should be sent to: submissions [at] the highwindow [dot] uk with the word TRANSLATIONS in the subject line.


If you have suggestions for essays or there’s a book that you would like to review you should, in the first instance, contact the editor with your proposal. Again, you should use: submissions [at] the highwindow [dot] uk with either ESSAY or REVIEW in the subject line.


The editor will also be interested in proposals for artwork. Please contact me at: submissions [at] the highwindow [dot] uk the email above with ARTWORK in the subject line.

The Editor