Opening the High Window

The High Window is a quarterly review of poetry which, for its first twelve issues was co-edited by David Cooke and Anthony Costello. It now continues under the sole editordship of David. Its aims are wide-ranging and non-partisan. It publishes work in English by new and established poets from The UK and around the world. Alongside a lively and eclectic mix of poetry, each new issue contains a literary essay, a selection of poems in translation, poetry reviews and occasional features. In association with its publishing outlet, The High Window Press, it is also publishing an increasingly wide range of collections by poets who are up and coming or, in the opinon of the editor, may have been unduly neglected. The High Window also publishes frequent supplementary posts in the months between each full quarterly issue.

Introducing the Editor


David Cooke was born in the UK but his family comes from the West of Ireland. He won a Gregory Award in 1977 and has published poems, translations and reviews in the UK, Ireland and beyond.  A Slow Blues, New and Selected Poems was published in 2015  by THWP and brings together his three first collections. Since then he has published: A Murmuration (Two Rivers Press. 2015),  After Hours (Cultured Llama Press. 2017), Reel to Reel (Dempsey and Windle. 2019) and Staring at a Hoopoe (Dempsey and Windle. 2020). For many years he was the Head of Languages in a comprehensive school in Cleethorpes. Subsequently, he earned his living as an online bookseller, but is now happily retired. Married with four grown up children, he has recently moved from Grimsby to Swindon so that he and his wife will be closer to their family.

You can read some of David’s poems in the Editor’s Spot


Anthony Costello: co-editor 2016 – 2018

Anthony Costello is a poet, writer, and editor. His first poetry
collection, The Mask, was published by Lapwing Publications
in 2014. His second, Angles & Visions, was published in 2015
by the High Window Press. He is a co-translator of Alain-Fournier:
 Poems, (Carcanet, 2016) and the editor of Four American Poets
published by the High Window Press, 2016).


4 thoughts on “Opening the High Window

  1. Good morning, I am Vikki with the Amerian Book REview, your book “Four American Poets” was reviewed in our current issue, 38.1. Please send me you mailing address so I may send to you your complimentary copies. Thank you, Vikki

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  2. Hi. I wonder if you could put me in touch with one of your poets, Roger Elkin. Way back in 2000 my husband John and I were friends of Roger and his wife (?Eileen) and attended his English Lit classes at Keele University. It’s been a long time, but I would love to hear from him. Thanks in advance. Kathleen Turner


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