Antony Johae: Campervan-Haiku Calendar


Snow lies on rooftops.
Powder crunches on the path.
The garage is shut.


A thaw has set in.
Gutters become rivulets.
I get the van out.


In the chill of an
east wind, daffodils can bloom.
Engine still needs choke.


Buds plump on willows.
Showers batter the windscreen.
The roof starts to leak.


In weak warmth, cherry
blossom whitens the damp grass
and speckles the way.


Late light evenings
make possible long road trips
and lazy picnics.


Regatta excites
when camping by the river.
We see rowers race.


You sit on the shore,
swim in cooling North-Sea waves;
sleep in cosy van.


Sky’s deep blue, pink-streaked
as I drive into the night
and late birds fly by.


Days growing shorter;
trees rust-coloured; roads glisten.
Headlights are switched on.


Wet leaves are falling.
Wipers go to-and-fro, to-
and-fro in the rain.


I start the engine;
frost paints patterns on the glass.
I can’t see a thing.

Antony Johae (b. Chiswick, 1937) taught literature in Africa and the Middle East for thirty years. He is now writing freelance and divides his time between Lebanon and the UK. His collection, Poems of the East (2015) is published by Gipping Press. In 2019, Poetry Salzburg came out with After-Images: Homage to Eric Rohmer.



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