The High Window’s Winter Issue 2020: Final Instalment


The final instalment of the Winter 2020 issue of The High Window is now available. It is hard to believe it, but with this issue The High Window has completed the fifth year of its existence!

The following new material can be found via the top menu:

  1. A new selection of homegrown and international poetry from 36 poets
  2. Poetry from Ken Craft, The Featured American Poet
  3. A selection of poetry translated from Macedonian which has been curated by Tom Phillips
  4. A multimedia essay in which Dino Mahoney explores the work of Cavafy
  5. A substantial reviews section
  6. Poetry by Kitty Coles, the UK Featured Poet
  7. A valedictory art feature from Penny Sharman, our resident artist.

There are also several new supplementary posts which have appeared since the autumn issue and also four new poems in the Editor’s Spot exploring the work of Willi Ronis

Finally, The High Window Press has slowly been getting back into gear and has publshed two volumes of selected poems by David Cooke and Shaun Traynor.



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