Editorial Summer 2019: First Instalment

Dear Reader

The summer issue of The High Window will again be published in two instalments across the month – an innovation that seems to have been popular with regular readers, enabling them to assimilate the contents of the journal in a more leisurely way. So I am now making available a bumper crop of new poetry, the featured American poet, Charlotte Innes, and the art feature. S.A. Leavesley, who is THW‘s current resident artist, has an essay coming up later in the month, so in this issue, her regular slot is dedicated to the amazing pavement artist, Edgar Müller.

In a fortnight’s time the summer issue will be completed with the publication of a translation supplement devoted to poetry from Hungary, S.A. Leavesley’s essay, a substantial reviews section and work from our featured poet, Alice Allen.

It has been particularly gratifying in recent months to have received a significant increase in the number of submissions from women poets so that this is the first issue of The High Window in which both sexes are equally represented.

Finally, The High Window Press has been increasingly active this year and is pleased to announce three new titles by Daniel Bennett, Michael Lesher and Anthony Howell. Copies of a fourth title by the American poet Margaret Wilmott will also be available at the end of the month.

Details of these and all previous publications are available here.  As neither the journal or the press receive any funding and the editor has no inclination to seek any, the occasional sale of a book is particularly welcome!

Happy reading!



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