Edgar Müller: Chalk

For this issue The High Window’s Resident Artist slot will contain no new artwork by S.A. Leavesley. However, I would refer you to Sarah’s  Looking Up to the Sky: trees as inspiration, resource, lifeline, which will be featured essay in the forthcoming essay slot

Meanwhile, to fill the gap,  you will find below some artwork from the amazing pavement artist Edgar Müller accompanied by a poem which has been inspired by his work and, finally, a video clip.




David Coooke: Poem

for Edgar Müller

As all worlds are, they’re transitory –
those flights of fancy you create
whose crashing waters
tumble down
into a paved surface.

The passersby are drawn in,
elements, briefly, in a bigger
picture, teetering playfully
on the brink of depths
they cannot fathom.

For who’s to say what’s real
or where a skewed
perspective takes you,
when sea like a timepiece
returns to desert?

In our cities ambition rises.
The crouching artist
acquires a team. Laying aside
his coloured rocks,
he buys up paint in lots.

So in five days
an ice age happens
or a canal becomes your street.
Dissolving with each downpour,
its waters do not rise.






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