Sunshine and Raindrops: Photo-poems by S.A. Leavesly inspired by Jacques Prévert

For the spring issue of The High Window our resident artist, S.A. Leavesley has created Sunshine and Raindrops, a  photo-poem series inspired by French poet (and screenwriter) Jacques Prévert (1900-1977).

Here is Sarah’s own  brief introduction to what inspired her to create this work: My artistic-creative response involved a double translation and interpretation process. First, I created photographic images as a visual response to particular Prévert poems. Then I wrote short poems in response to these photos. The resulting four photo-poems here have more or less connectedness (be it through imagery, setting, emotion, atmosphere…) to the original inspiring lines from Prévert’s work.


Lone Breakfast – response to ‘Déjeuner du matin’ (in English at, in French at


Raindrops for Remembrance – response to ‘Barbara’ (in English at , in French at


Everything Changes – response to ‘Le paysage changeur’ (


All the Endings – response to ‘Les feuilles mortes’ (lyrics in French at, one of many youtube uploads featuring the song can be found here


More about Jacques Prévert can also be found at The Poetry Foundation here:


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