The High Window: Summer 2023

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Here is a checklist of all the new material published in the Summer 2023 issue of The High Window.  Everything can be accessed via the top menu:

1. A selection of homegrown and international Poetry from 36 poets.

2. Poetry by Susan Kelly-DeWitt, the Featured American Poet.

3. A selection of Translations  from Swedish curated by Robert Gard.

4.  An Essay  on grieving by Lindsey Shaw-Miller.

5. Reviews of Poetry and Translations

6. Poetry by  Dónall Dempsey, the Featured UK Poet

7. A poetry and art feature from Anthony Howell, who is The High Window’s Resident Artist for 2023.

There are also details of the editor’s recently published Collected Poems in the Editor’s Spot.

Finally, a reminder that the High Window Press has also recently published a new edition of Rilke’s Book of Hours in a version by Robert Saxton.



2 thoughts on “The High Window: Summer 2023

  1. Dear David,

    Fabulous issue, thank you!


    div>One small thing – reading through Maldonado’s lovely review of my pamphlet, I saw a typo. It’s about a third of the way through,


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