The High Window: Spring 2023

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Because I seem to have a lot on at the moment I am trying to clear the decks where I can. I am, therefore, publishing the new High Window in one go rather than in two instalments. However, as it is coming out a few weeks early I hope readers will have enough time to absorb what is again a bumper issue. I have adopted a nedw policy for reviews whereby they have been published in a steady trickle since the winter isssue, with a final crop appearing now. However, if you missed some of them them, there is a linked index to all the reviews which have appeared since December. [Ed.]


Here is a checklist of all the new material published in the Spring 2023 issue of The High Window.  Everything can be accessed via the top menu:

1. A selection of homegrown and international Poetry by 35 poets.

2. Poetry by R. Bremner, the Featured American Poet.

3. A second selection of Translations  from Galician curated by Keith Payne.

4.  An Essay by Kevin Mulqueen on Le Mot Juste.

5. Reviews of Poetry and Translations

6. Poetry by Allen Prowle, the Featured UK Poet

7. An art feature from Carla Scanaro D’Antonio, who is The High Window’s new Resident Artist for 2023.

There are also six  poems in the Editor’s Spot  which have been taken from his forthcoming Collected Poems.

Finally, a reminder that the High Window Press has also published a new collection by Alan Price: The Cinephile Poems



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