The High Window Spring 2022: Final Instalment

Logo revised


Welcome to the final instalment of the Spring 2022 issue of The High Window. You can now view all new content  via the top the top menu.

1. A selection of homegrown and international Poetry from 37 poets.

2. Poetry by Lanny Ledboer, the Featured American Poet.

3. A Translation supplement devoted to a selection of Contemporary Hebrew Poetry which has been curated by Liat Simon.

4. An Essay by Hannah Parkes Smith on some of W.H. Auden’s early poetry.

5. A comprehensive selection of poetry Reviews.

6. A selection of poems and an essay on the UK Featured Poet, Jude Nutter.

7. An introductory feature from Rowena Sommerville, who will be The High Window’s Resident Artist for 2022.

There are also four new poems in the Editor’s Spot.



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