Editorial: Spring 2019

Over the course of 2019 regular readers of The High Window will notice a few changes.  With this, the first issue, under a single editor, I am taking the opportunity to publish the journal in two instalments across the month of March. This may enable me to spread my workload, but will hopefully also give readers more time to assimilate the journal’s contents.

Today I am publishing a very substantial anthology of new poetry, which contains work from over thirty poets, a feature on the wonderful American poet, D. Nurkse, and an essay by Stephen Devereux in which he examines the poetry of Elizabeth Jennings.

In a fortnight’s time the remaining sections will be published: a selection of poetry translated from Polish, our regular reviews section, artwork, and a new feature highlighting the work of a UK poet.

For some time now the submissions window has been closed. This was necessary because a considerable backlog had built up. I will hopefully be able to open it again at the end of this month. In passing, my apologies to those who have had to wait some time to see their work in print. With that in mind, I will in future publish reviews as supplementary posts as soon as they come in. Subsequently, they will be gathered together in each quarterly issue for the convenience of those  who may have missed them.

Finally, I am publishing a new book this quarter: Of Course, the Yellow Cab, New and Selected Poems by Ken Champion. Later, towards the end of the month this will be joined by Forms of Exile, Selected Poems of Marina Tsvetaeva, translated by Belinda Cooke.

So, there’s plenty happening.  And there’ll be further updates later in the month!

Happy Reading!

David Cooke

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