Editorial: Spring 2018

Dear Readers

This editorial is being written as snow falls softly and thickly over Britain and Ireland. It has felt like a long winter and, yet, we are only a few days away from publishing our Spring issue, 2018. We are proud of our ninth issue and grateful for all the poets and writers who have made this issue possible.  Special thanks to Gili Haimovich for curating the contemporary Hebrew translations of poets including Maya Weinberg, Anat Levin and Oded Reled, and to the reviewers who have written appraisals of new work by Rory Waterman, Pippa Little, Wendy Pratt, Angels Topping, Jodie Hollander, Martyn Crucefix, Maria McCarthy, Hilda Sheehan and Martin Malone. Thanks to Doug Robertson who continues to enrich our journal as resident artist, and also thanks to Wendy Pratt whose essay cleverly interweaves poetry and archaeology with person and place. We are also grateful to the poet Nicole Callihan for interviewing Diane Marie Delgado for our American Poet feature.

There are many poems in this issue that are written in the third person, that are character-driven, others have as their subject matter technology or devices, and yet others search for something meaningful beyond the material world, however beautifully depicted, as in this stanza from Sarah Corbett:.

Between the snow-weighted branches
the dark mists and glitters –
a far-flung galaxy brought near,
a spin of flakes bright as whispers.

We hope you’ll agree that  the new quarterly issue is packed with good things, but in case you haven’t caught up with them yet, we now also post regular weekly features, all of which are gathered together in our menu under the heading Supplementary Posts.

Finally, we would draw your attention to Bare Bones by Norton Hodges and Wounded Light by James Russell, the first two titles in our publishing schedule for 2018. Norton’s work recently featured in one of our weekly posts and he is further represented by four poems in this issue. James’s work will also be featured in due course. Copies of both collections are now available directly from The High Window Press page.

Here’s to a warm spring –

The Editors

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