Words of Praise and a Poem

It’s only a few weeks now before we publish the autumn issue of The High Window. Meanwhile it’s lovely to see this appreciative review of the journal by Claire Booker on her blog bookerplays:


It has also occurred to the editors that the three months between each issue can often seem a long time. So, in order to bridge the gap we will be previewing selected poems on a weekly basis and we’ve decided to get the ball rolling with a poem by the American poet J.S. Belote. This is one of two poems by Justin that will be included in the full journal which is scheduled for early September.

Finally, a reminder that we now accept submissions all year round and are already setting work aside for the winter and spring issues.


J.S Belote: Poem

after Cesare Pavese

This evening, supper alone.
The window beside me bright,
the room almost dark.
A square of light lands on my bowl
& makes the cherries redder.

As I look at the sky, it calms me
to know the open land is just
a short walk beyond my door.
Hard work has made my body calm.

So many people are eating right now.
Already in town, among
the reddish roofs, lights shine,
& beneath them the people gossip.
Soon though, there’ll be silence.

Each thing is isolated.
I know the way I know blood
courses through my veins,
& I can accept it calmly.
Water courses through the grasses.

The open land is
a supper of all things.
Every plant, every stone
lives & rests. I can listen & hear
everything that lives on
the open land nourishing my veins.

There’s nothing that’s worth
these cherries I eat alone.

J.S. Belote currently lives in Richmond, Virginia


You can read more of Justin’s work  here

 and of course in the next issue of The High Window!

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