Wednesday 31st May, 7pm

POETRY IN THE VAULTS: at Housmans, Peace House, 5 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, London N1 9DX

Anthony Howell will be reading from his recent High Window collection From Inside

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Copies can also be published from our Press page.

“In a sluggish society, as actual societies are, tradition is ever lapsing into superstition, and the violent stimulus of novelty is required.” – T.S. Eliot

Housmans is very pleased to welcome poet Anthony Howell on the launch of his new collection of poetry, From Inside. Howell makes no bones about aiming to jolt the listener with this violent stimulus – his new collection of often uncomfortable poems. Chilcot, Arkan, Dick Cheney, the Middle East all find expression in these poems which take us beneath the external face of society.

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Tuesday 13th June at 8pm

Launch of The Edge of Seeing by John Duffy: at the Albert Hotel, Victoria Lane, Huddersfield, HD1 2QF.

John will be reading from his new collection of poetry in The Albert, home of
The Albert Poets, which he co-founded 25 years ago.

He will be supported with readings from acclaimed poets Steve Ely and Anthony

Copies can also be published from our Press page.

John Duffy is a Glaswegian long settled in Huddersfield, where he helped to found the Albert Poets just over 25 years ago. A former social and community worker, he became a bibliotherapist, using the enjoyment of reading as a mental health tool. He has now retired, and still runs writing workshops in Huddersfield.

The Edge of Seeing possible cover

‘John Duffy’s The Edge of Seeing is a collection full of a deep-rooted love, one that finds its anchor in the sheer reliable physicality of the world and the universe it turns in. The poems range widely through Celtic legend, through revolutionary France and the schoolrooms and parlours of a Glasgow childhood. They move easily from the lyrical to the heft and swagger of Glasgow demotic speech. They are crowded with voices, and the felt observation of the natural world, its birds and its animals. They are, as he memorably writes  of a new born fawn,  “as tough as mice / or daisies”. The Edge of Seeing is a delight from beginning to end.’  John Foggin

‘From its opening Keatsian homage to its final hymn to metaphor, John Duffy places minutely observed moments of life within evolutionary time and space, each snapshot so sharply focused and composed it enlarges in the mind’s eye. The effect is dizzying, consolatory and moving. We want to make them dance for us, he says, these things whose rhythms slide and sway beyond our senses. And he does.’  Julia Deakin

‘I have been reading John Duffy’s poetry for over a quarter of a century now and am familiar with his gleeful use of language, his musical lyricism, his compassion and humour, and yet his poems still have the ability to surprise and captivate me. This collection reflects the poet’s delight in discovery; new words, stories and observations gleaned from an infinite and acute curiosity. Above all, to use his own words, it demonstrates his determination to keep looking / when there’s nothing / much to see. There is magic at work here.’  Stephanie Bowgett

‘We glimpse here a sensibility that seems to insist on breadth and balance, a poet equally committed to the outward looking perspectives of community and humanity.’  Carola Luther