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If you have enjoyed reading The High Window, we are sure that you will also find much to enjoy in the pages of other journals whose commitment to an eclectic mix of homegrown and international poetry is similar to our own. We are proud, therefore, to recommend to you the following excellent print journals:

Agenda The Manhattan ReviewPoem Poetry Salzburg Review




Agenda is one of the best known and most highly respected poetry journals in the world, having been founded in 1959 by Ezra Pound and William Cookson.

It is edited by Patricia McCarthy, who co-edited the magazine with William Cookson for four years until his death in January 2003. She is continuing, as Seamus Heaney said, ‘to uphold the lofty standards of Agenda’.

Agenda is one of the two literary periodicals in Britain. I admire it for its attentiveness to all kinds of contemporary poetry… and its consistent stress on the importance of poetry in translation from other languages.’ Thom Gunn

Agenda, as the title insists, does several things that need to be done if literary culture is to stay in good shape. First of all, it stimulates and sponsors new poetry by poets whose writings and espousals have given the magazine its personality from the beginning. Agenda has a second important function which it discharges by doing work of critical advocacy for poets of marked or under-rated achievement, living and dead.’ Seamus Heaney

You can check out the latest issue here:http://www.agendapoetry.co.uk/index.php

and subscribe here: http://www.agendapoetry.co.uk/subscribe/subscribe.php

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The Manhattan Review



Founded in 1980 by New York-based poet Philip Fried, The Manhattan Review has won praise for its balance of American and international poetry, its distinguished interview series, and its many firsts. The Library Journal placed MR in its “highly recommended” category, and the New Magazine Review saluted MR for combining “strong translations with poetry written by those whose roots lie buried in American soil.”

MR staked out a position early on as a venue for new voices. Called ‘adventurous and quick to get to the new’ by the editor of Agni, MR was the first American journal to publish an interview with Polish poet and dissident Stanislaw Baranczak (1981). It was one of the first journals to devote a whole issue to renowned Polish poet Zbigniew Herbert (Winter 1984-5). MR began to publish the work of Chinese dissident poet Bei Dao as early as 1990. And in 1994, MR launched an unprecedented nationwide campaign that increased the number of poetry reviews in The New York Times.

For many years now, and especially in the last decade, MR has endeavored to publish the best contemporary British poetry alongside the work of excellent American poets. By doing so in a routine manner, as well as in a special feature format, MR has tried to bridge the gap between poetries divided by an ocean and a common language.

You can check out the latest issue here: http://www.themanhattanreview.com/about.html

and subscribe here: http://www.themanhattanreview.com/order.html

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Poem is a world-class poetry magazine for the best poetry in, and translated into, English. Set to become the leading English-language poetry periodical, Poem advocates international writing without barriers, bringing today’s best poetry together on a world stage.

In our highly-connected world, in which another continent is only a keypad button away, there is a pressing need for an international, and internationalist, magazine to select and showcase world poetry, just as festivals and biennales do film and visual art. Poem takes excellence of translation for granted, and so advocates international writing without barriers.  Its content includes:

– the very newest work by the best poets, young as well as celebrated;
– “primary” prose by poets and world-leading critics – anything from literary gad-flying to novel extracts – encouraging the essay form, memoir, interview;
– occasional reviews;
– the occasional frontispiece/picture-essay of black-and-white photos or prints.

Poem is published four times a year and you can subscribe here: http://www.tandfonline.com/pricing/journal/rpom20


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Poetry Salzburg Review


Founded in 2001 after the demise of The Poet’s Voice (ed. Fred Beake, Wolfgang Görtschacher, James Hogg, 1993-2000), and appearing regularly ever since, the magazine publishes poetry, long poems, review-essays, articles about poets and poetic issues, translations, and interviews. Each issue contains work by 50-60 poets, a range of poems in translation by usually three poets not well known on the English poetry scene, and three in-depth review-essays focusing on 10-12 recently published collections. Once a year we also commission a poet-critic to review 4-5 pamphlets.

The editorial policy is catholic – David Miller, a member of our Editorial Board from No.1 to No. 18 summarised our beliefs in the following way: ‘[We] wish to highlight and promote those poets and poetic writers whose work [we] find challenging, singular, exciting – whatever, if any, their allegiances may be.’ Present-day poetry would do well to recur to poetry as rhythmic structure and patters of sound instead of chatting along amiably in what is only nominally verse. The experience of poetry as sound demands craftsmanship, a training in rhythm, metre, and phonology (the colour of Rimbaud’s vowels!), something to be recommended to young poets if they want their poems to move beyond the page. We want to do all this in a way that is accessible to the general reader, but is nevertheless not simplistic.

What others have said about PSR:

‘… fantastic – a really dynamic read. smart, varied, addictive.’ (John Kinsella)

Poetry Salzburg Review is a substantial journal with a real punch; page after page of invigorating work from all styles and approaches. Most refreshing.’ (Edward Storey)

‘The reviews are exceptionally well-informed, and there is a good variety of poetry.’ (Ian Seed)

‘I have high regard for the magazine: your effort, the quality of writing, and the quality of the magazine itself.’ (William Cirocco)

‘It really is a most mature magazine now.’ (William Oxley)

You can check out archived issues and subscribe here: http://www.poetrysalzburg.com/psr.htm


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