Editorial: Winter 2019

Welcome to the first instalment of the winter 2019 issue of The High Window. As ever, there is a bumper crop of recent poetry by new and established figures and the Featured American poet is Stephanie L. Harper.  This initial instalment is completed by a valedictory batch of artwork from S. A. Leavesley who takes the opportunity to look back over the year she has worked with The High Window. I can only repeat here in a few words what I say in the actual feature. It has been a delight working with a poet and artist who is not only talented but one who has been so unfailingly reliable and professional.  I wish her well in her future projects and do hope that she will stay in contact.

This winter The High Window Press is publishing three new collections, two of which are available with the publication of this first instalment. They are:  Man at the Ice House by Alison Mace and Daylight of Seagulls by Alice Allen. The third title, Empire of Eden, by the American poet Tom Laichas  will be availabe with the second instalment to be published in a week or so.

In the second instalment I will be publishing  a substantial set of translations from Modern Greek poetry which has been translated and curated by Manolis Aligizakis and an  essay on John Ruskin by Michael Crowley. The UK featured poet will be Kate Noakes. In the reviews section I will bring together all the reviews that have previously been published as supplementary posts alongside a few that haven’t yet appeared.

David Cooke

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