Editorial. Spring 2019, final instalment.

Dear Readers

Having taken the decision to publish future issues of The High Window in two instalments, I hope you have had a little more time to browse and digest the contents of the first instalment which was published two weeks ago.

With the publication of this second instalment, the spring issue is now complete . It contains  a wonderful selection of poetry translated from Polish which has been curated by Karen Kovacik, to whom I am very grateful. S.A. Leavesley has contributed some more of her photo-poems, inspired this time by the work of Jacques Prévert. There is also a bumper crop of reviews. In passing,  I would like to express my apologies to those reviewers who have had a long wait before seeing their work published. I still have something of a backlog, but from here on I will endeavour to publish reviews as they come in and then link them together again for the next quarterly issue.

Regular readers may detect a few changes to The High Window’s top menu. Since its inception an American poet has been featured in each issue. I will now do the same for a homegrown poet. I am making a start with an interview and a selection of poems by Tony Flynn. There is also new page called the Editor’s spot, where each month I will post some of my own poems.  In this issue you will find four poems taken from Reel to Reel, my sixth collection, which has only just been published by Demsey and Windle.

Finally, I am pleased to announce that the submissions window has been reopened. Although the summer issue is already full, new submissions will be considered for the autumn and winter issues.

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